Grants for Research Visits


The aim of the ELEXIS trans-national access (TNA) activities is to promote access for researchers or research teams to research facilities and lexicographical resources which are not fully accessible online or where a professional on-site expertise is needed in order to ensure and optimise mutual knowledge exchange and cross-fertilisation.

This access will be facilitated via grant visits.

TNA activities will hopefully have a long-term impact especially for the under-resourced languages and will all in all strengthen the infrastructure and collaborative network provided by ELEXIS.

Hosting institutions and infrastructures

If you click on the links you get more information regarding resources, tools and infrastructures which are provided by each hosting institution.

How to apply

ELEXIS will announce visiting grants with an average duration of two weeks for researchers to experiment with and work on lexicographical data in a context of mutual knowledge exchange with the hosting institutions.

5 calls for visiting grants will be launched twice a year during the project period amounting to an overall number of 30–40 grants.

The calls will include descriptions of the particular lexicographical resources, tools, and expertise that are made available.

In the visiting grants, researchers/lexicographers within the EU member states or associated countries will be invited to apply for free-of-charge access to and support in one of the above mentioned lexicographical infrastructures.

Interested researchers/lexicographers should make an application, describing background, purpose, etc., which will be assessed by a committee.

During the grant visits, the hosting institutions will provide support in terms of lexicographical and IT manpower expertise.

After completing a visit to an infrastructure, the grant holder must write a report on the outcome of the visit.


When the next call is open, we will announce it here.

First Call: Get to know all the hosting institutions and infrastructures of the first call for ELEXIS travel grants.