New travelgrant reports available!

Thanks to the more relaxed pandemic situation, the Trans National Access Committee is very pleased that several outstanding research visits from both Call 4 and Call 5 could be held onsite at various ELEXIS EU hosting institutions in Europe.

We published four new reports of various research grant holders describing their research visit and the tasks carried out:

Denis Gaščić:
Methods for detection and evaluation of neologisms for the Croatian language (link to report)

Dorota Mika
Integration of lexicographic data: the diachronic plane (link to report)

Carolin Müller-Spitzer

How is the corpus influencing collocation sets in dictionaries?
Enhancing a study on German collocation sets for Mann and Frau to a contrastive German-Dutch study (link to report)

Dóra Mária Tamás

The Description of the Characteristics of Legal Terminology and Issues of Editing Legal Databases in Lexicography and Terminology (link to report)

Ana Mihaljević

Dictionary of the Croatian Redaction of Church Slavonic:
Exploring the possibilities of digitalization, retrodigitalization and modernization of the dictionary writing process (link to report)