ELEXIS Showcase Event: Records accessible online!

The ELEXIS Showcase Event in Florence was a great success! Each session can be re-watched via Videolectures.net, the recorded event-stream is available via YouTube.

Methods for detection and evaluation of neologisms for the Croatian language – Denis Gaščić

Denis Gaščić is an ambitious computer & language enthusiast with a strong interest in Neologisms. He applied for a research grant to visit the Institute of the Estonian Language in order to be introduced to tools and methods used for dictionary compilation and automatic detection of neologisms. 

New travelgrant reports available!

We published four new reports of various research grant holders describing their research visit and the tasks carried out.

A Study on legal texts & terminological databases in Dutch – Dóra Mária Tamás

Dóra Mária Tamás Is an experienced researcher focusing on legal terminology. Her background in legal translation and interpretation brought her to the lexicographic and terminological work in her home country of Hungary.

Integration of lexicographic data: the diachronic plane – Dorota Mika

Dorota Mika is a passionate aspiring lexicographer, focusing on the etymology of the Polish language. She worked on a variety of lexicographic projects in the past including the electronic Conceptual Dictionary of Old Polish.In order to generate a clear workflow on how to integrate and merge diachronic lexicographic data from electronic dictionaries, she applied to visit the Instituut voor the Nederlandse Taal to benefit from its long expertise.

How is the corpus base influencing collocation sets in dictionaries?

Carolin Müller-Spitzer is an experienced linguist and lexicographer, working on the influence of the corpus base on collocation sets in dictionaries. She applied for an ELEXIS research grant to visit the Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal in Leiden (the Netherlands) to conduct a contrastive German-Dutch study on the influence of the corpus base on collocation sets in dictionaries.
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Long Night of Research (LNF2022)

Date: 20.5.2022
Location: Vienna, Austria
Ana Vujasić

Adapting dictionary writing systems and other platforms to online dictionaries of idioms – Jelena Parizoska

Being an avid dictionary user herself, Jelena Parizoska wrote her PhD on the ‘variability of verbal idioms in English and Croatian within the cognitive linguistic framework.’ To learn how to incorporate certain features into the Online Dictionary of Croatian Idioms, she applied for a research grant to visit the Jožef Stefan Institute in Slovenia.
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ELEXIS Showcase Event

Date: 7.-8.6.2022
Location: online & onsite (Florence, Italy)