ELEXIS Showcase Event: Records accessible online!

The ELEXIS Showcase Event in Florence was a great success!
All in all, we had a wonderful experience of networking, (re)connecting, presenting the results and outlook for the future of the ELEXIS project.

Important topics that were covered:

    • Overview of ELEXIS Horizon 2020 project (2018-2022)
    • Presentation of ELEXIS online tools and services
    • ELEXIS Curriculum: Teaching & Training
    • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues, copyright
    • Lexicographic standards used and produced by ELEXIS
    • Project afterlife and sustainability (CLARIN & DARIAH)

The recordings of each session of the event are now available via Videolectures.net:

Additionally, the recordings of the event can be accessed via YouTube:

Day 1, half day [link]

Day 2, full day [link]