Annika Simonsen: Report on ELEXIS research visit out now

Annika Simonsen was granted to visit ELEXIS infrastructures in Denmark, Det Danske Sprog-og Litteraturselskab (DSL) and the Centre for Language Technology (CST, Denmark) at the Universtiy of Copenhagen (UCPH). Together with Dansk Sprognævn (DSN) they form one of the most important research centres for Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the North, specialising in language technology for the West Nordic languages – her perfect matches to push her grant winning project Ravnur – the Faroese Speech Recognizer to the next level:

“As someone working with an extremely low resource language such as Faroese, it was helpful to visit institutions who also work with a low resource language such as Danish, because I was able to learn from experienced people who have faced similar challenges as myself.”

In her report she provides insights on her research visit in Denmark and lessons learnt: