ELEXIS Visiting Grants: Research Update from Annika Simonsen

Annika Simonsen is ambitiously working on Ravnur, a Faroese speech recognition project that creates versatile language materials for a broad range of Faroese language technology. She has been granted to visit Det Danske Sprog-og Litteraturselskab (DSL, Denmark) & the University of Copenhagen (UCPH, Denmark) and provides us with an update about her research visit:

After a year of rescheduling, I finally made it to Copenhagen early last week. My ELEXIS visit coincided with the Language Technology Conference 2021 (Sprogteknologisk Konference) at the University of Copenhagen. My colleague from the Ravnur project, Iben Nyholm Debess, and I were lucky to present a poster about our speech recognition project and our index system named OTAL, inspired by the ongoing Danish project COR or the Central Danish Word Register (Det Centrale Ordregister). The conference was a great opportunity to get to know the Danish LT environment better – past and ongoing projects. 

Annika Simonsen’s poster presented at the Language Technology Conference 2021.

Since the conference, I have been travelling between the Centre of Language Technology (CST) at the University of Copenhagen and the Danish Society for Language and Literature (Det Danske Sprog- og Litteraturselskab – DSL). I have been introduced to CST’s and DSL’s staff and the projects that they are working on. I have even had the opportunity to travel to Bogense to visit the Danish Language Council. 
I have already learned a whole lot and I still have half a week to go. I am grateful that we could make this visit happen and I am looking forward to implementing all this newly-learned knowledge into the project back at home.