ELEXIS Association

After the end of the project, ELEXIS partner and observer community continues work through ELEXIS Association. The objective of the ELEXIS Association is organisation and coordination of activities related to lexicography, and activities related to natural language processing tasks on the topic of semantics, insofar they are of interest to lexicography.

ELEXIS Association seeks to engage in:

  • the development of lexicographic tools and (web) services,
  • the exchange and/or linking of lexicographic data,
  • the development of lexicographic standards facilitating the interoperability of lexicographic data,
  • scientific research on lexicography and semantics, including the organisation of conferences, the engagement in research projects and similar,
  • the exchange of expertise including the organisation of training, research visits and similar,
  • all other activities which contribute to its aims.

Membership in ELEXIS Association is institutional. To become a member of ELEXIS Association the institution needs to sign the ELEXIS Association agreement, and pay annual administrative fee to the coordinating institution (Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia). The template of the agreement is available on the “agreement template” link. If you are interested in becoming a member of ELEXIS Association please fill in the application form that is available on the “application form” link.

ELEXIS tools and services

Agreement template

Click on the link below to download the template of the ELEXIS Association agreement

Application form

Click on the link below to submit application for ELEXIS Association membership for your institution