Tools and services

The ELEXIS project provides cost-free access for academic institutions in the EU of the infrastructures developed by the project partners. The number of available resources will grow in the course of the project. There are no financial implications to the institutions for accessing them.

Already available

Sketch Engine logo

Sketch Engine

The Sketch Engine corpus query, corpus building and corpus management system allows users to build and work with 300+ text corpora in over 90 languages and 20 scripts. Sketch Engine contains a number of unique tools to analyse large corpora of up to 30 billion words. Each user can benefit from fully automated dictionary-building functionality.

The access to Sketch Engine is funded by the EU through the ELEXIS project between 2018 and 2022. The access is provided at no cost to academic institutions and ELEXIS observers and applies to non-commercial use only. Currently, almost 300 institutions have been using the tool.

Lexonomy logo


Lexonomy is a cloud-based dictionary writing and also online dictionary publishing system which is highly scalable to adapt to large dictionary projects as well as small lexicographic works such as editing and online publishing of domain-specific glossaries or terminology resources. Lexonomy already interacts with Sketch Engine and the aim of the project is to develop and expand this interaction further. Sketch Engine can push lexicographic data into Lexonomy to create automatically-generated dictionary drafts and Lexonomy can pull data from Sketch Engine’s corpora during the entry editing process.


The search tool ELEXIFINDER is dedicated to helping lexicographers and other researchers find scientific output in lexicography and related fields. The enables users to search through papers and videos, using concepts, i.e. words or set of words with a Wikipedia page, and various other conditions, e.g. source (conference etc.), author, language etc. Each paper/video is linked to its page where the users can download or view it.

News feed

Lexicographic news feed is an ELEXIS service that uses the Event Registry API to extract latest news articles identified to be related to lexicography. News articles are extracted from 30,000 news sources, and over 35 languages are currently supported.

More resources will be provided during the lifetime of the project and will be listed here as soon as they are available. Follow us and subscribe to our newsletter to get notified.