Access to lexicographic research is highly important for lexicographers when conceptualizing and compiling dictionaries, and preparing their publications for presentation to the lexicographic community. There have been several attempts to offer a systematic record of lexicographic scientific output, and advanced search of it, but most of them are no longer updated, focus only on bibliographic data, and do not include works from other fields related to lexicography. The tool called ELEXIFINDER  has been developed within the European Infrastructure for Lexicography (ELEXIS) project in order to facilitate knowledge exchange in the lexicographic community and promote open access culture in lexicographic research.

Current publications in Elexifinder:

  • Conference proceedings
    • eLex (2009-2017)
    • EURALEX (1983-2016)
    • Nordiske Studier i Leksikografi (1992-2016)
  • Journals:
    • Lexicon (1995-2018)*
    • Lexikos (1991-2018)
    • LexicoNordica journal (1994-2017)
  • Videos
    • eLex 2011
    • EURALEX 2018
    • WNLex workshop (2018)
    • 15 lexicographic presentations in Slovenia (in Slovene and English)

Publications about Elexifinder:

Kosem, I. & Krek, S. (2019). ELEXIFINDER: A Tool for Searching Lexicographic Scientific Output. In I. Kosem et al. (eds.) Proceedings of the eLex 2019 conference, Sintra, Portugal. Brno: Lexical Computing, pp. 506-518.

* We would like to thank Gilles-Maurice de Schryver, from Ghent University, for providing us with the cleaned TXT versions of the Lexicon journal (1994-2009).

More resources will be provided during the lifetime of the project and will be listed here as soon as they are available. Follow us and subscribe to our newsletter to get notified.