The governance structure in the ELEXIS consoritum is made up out of two main decision-making bodies and an advisory body: the Project Management Board and the Technical Management Board and the International Advisory Board.

Technical Management Board

The Technical Management Board (TMB) is in charge of the implementation of the scientific and technical work, and monitors, on a daily basis, the progress of the project in accordance to the objectives, deliverables and milestones defined in the project work plan.

Project Management Board

The Project Management Board (PMB) is chaired by the Project Coordinator. It is responsible for formal decisions and the strategic management of the project.

International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board (IAB) has an advisory role and consists of appointed representatives of five continental societies and associations for lexicography as well as experts in both relevant fields, lexicography and NLP, from academia and industry.

Intellectual Property Rights Committee

The Intellectual Property Rights Committee (IPRC) was established to enable access to standards, methods, lexicographic data and tools for scientific communities, industries and other stakeholders and to promote an open access culture in lexicography, in line with the European Commission Recommendation on access to and preservation of scientific information.

Standards Committee

The Standards Committee (SC) is in charge of the preparation and implementation of ELEXIS standards.

One of the implementations is carried out through the OASIS LEXIDMA committee.

The ELEXIS governance structure.