Frequently Asked Questions about ELEXIS observer status

This page will be updated regularly (last change: December 2020)

Please contact for any questions to which you might not find the answers on this page.

1. Where are the templates of ELEXIS Observer Agreement and the Formal Request Letter?

Answer: The templates were sent to you by email after we received your application. You can also download them here: (1) ELEXIS Observer Agreement template (MS Word, PDF), (2) Template for the Formal Request Letter to become an observer (MS Word, PDF).

2. Is there a set deadline for sending the observer documentation (Observer Agreement, Formal Request Letter)?

Answer: No, there is no deadline; however, it is advisable to send the documents as soon as possible. The sooner we receive them, the sooner your request can be considered by the ELEXIS Project Management Board and access to the ELEXIS network and services can be granted.

3. Do we need to send the documents via regular mail?

Answer: No, scanned or digitally signed versions of the documents are enough.

4. Our institution’s project has been modified since the time of application. This affects the type of data that could be provided. Is it possible to apply with an updated project?

Answer: Of course. Just specify the type of data/expertise you would like to contribute in the Agreement.

5. Is there a length limitation to the project description?

Answer: No, we have not limited the project description.

6. Can I join ELEXIS as an individual?

Answer: Unfortunately, it is not possible to join ELEXIS as an individual. However, if you are a member of an institution, you can ask them to apply for free observer status.

Additionally, you can use your institutional account to log in to Sketch Engine. Free access is funded by ELEXIS. Similarly, you can log in to the Lexonomy dictionary writing system. More tools and resources will become available later and will be published under Tools and Services.

7. Does ELEXIS offer financial support to researchers and do I have to be an observer to qualify?

Answer: We do offer travel grants and your institution does not need to be an observer for you to qualify. You can apply for research grants to visit one of the institutions listed here. Your research stay will be funded by ELEXIS. Please follow us on Facebook/Twitter or join the mailing list to get notified about future calls for travel grants.

8. How should we list online dictionaries?

Answer: Please provide their website links both in the Agreement and in the e-mail. We also kindly ask you to state their official titles (if they exist) or very short descriptions in English.