Gain benefits for your organization – join as an observer!

While institutions can no longer join ELEXIS as partners, they are very welcome to join the project with observer status.

Join the ELEXIS project

Why become an observer?


exclusive invitations

The observers will receive priority invitations to newly developed tools and services as well as activities aimed at improving and enriching their own lexicographic data.

new data

The observers may request new customized lexicographic data or have their existing data enriched and expanded with both monolingual and multilingual information.

insider information

The observer status grants access to both external and internal communication to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

access to data and tools

The ELEXIS cloud infrastracture will host data, tools and services developed by the project. The observers will gain early access to open-access and open-source resources as well as to resources in the partner and observer’s area of the cloud.

research visit funding

The observers will be notified of grant calls which ELEXIS will organise to enable researchers join experts at their home institutions abroad.

post-project developments

ELEXIS does not limit itself to a 4-year project only but aims to continue even after 2022. The observer status guarantees the possibility to participate actively in this post-project stage.

What would ELEXIS need from you?

data and expertise

The observers are expected to contribute either lexicographic data, or by making their expertise available to ELEXIS. Data contribution is set up so that the observers remain in control of access to their data.


The observers are expected to participate in surveys related to lexicographic tools and services, practices, and workflows.

More information

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