LexMeet: a new ELEXIS platform for exchanging ideas

We invite you to LexMeet, a platform for exchanging ideas and expertise about lexicography and other related fields!

Valuable networking opportunities have been basically non-existent for the past year
– this is a chance for connecting representatives from different institutions, countries, fields and areas of interest online, where we are bound only by our imagination and internet bandwidth.

Already introduced at eLex2021 and EURALEX 2021 conferences, this forum not only collects discussions in the field of lexicography, but also allows you to connect with people who are working on similar topics and are sharing similar interests:

Thus, we are offering a safe and constructive online space for this community. With LexMeet we wish to connect and encourage participants in the ELEXIS project and beyond to keep in touch, brainstorm, debate, share their research, give feedback, etc …

We see this as the first step towards creating a global community hub for lexicography.
Help us in making this a reality!

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About LexMeet

Discuss new research, discover best practices, find new collaboration partners and generate unique ideas.

How? Here are the steps we recommend:

REGISTER to join the community.

After creating an account, the first place to visit should be YOUR PROFILE (top right corner of the page).
If your organisation was not listed during registration, please go to EDIT ORGANISATION and add your organisation information.
We kindly ask you to fill in as much relevant information as you can. This way, other users will know more about what your institution/company is doing.

Afterwards, we recommend looking at the public DISCUSSIONS:
Discussions are public forums where everyone can participate and be part of the community.
They are divided into different categories that contain a variety of topics.
Here, you can see what the community is talking about.

We encourage you to start your own topic, ask questions, share your thoughts … engage the community!

If you want to have a more private discussion on a certain topic, you can create a GROUP:
You can either send a request to join a closed group (request membership). Or you can create a group and decide who to include. Friends can be added immediately. For other community members, use the search bar. Groups have a forum where topics can be discussed privately.
To know who has already joined, see the PEOPLE tab. Here, you can add friends to make group creation easier or send them a private message.

See which ORGANISATIONS are already on LexMeet:
You can add them to your favourites, see how many members are on the platform and view more details on their respective organisation page.

We are looking for inspiring, enthusiastic people to collaborate with!
Thus, we invite you to participate in several activities that the project team is carrying out via LexMeet:

You can learn more about these activities here.

Let’s meet … at LexMeet!