Invitation to collaborate in ELEXIS task

We would like to invite you to participate in three activities that will help us improve the ELEXIS tool ELEXIFINDER, a tool for searching scientific output in lexicography developed by ELEXIS.
In this last year, we have added more content and more other significant improvements to the tool: it comprises now more than 6.000 articles from conference proceedings, journals, collective volumes and handbooks, and more than 80 videos.

To further enrich the quality of this tool, we are encouraging contributions for the following activities that will be carried out via the LexMeet platform:

  • Suggesting new content for Elexifinder.
    We are now particularly interested in identifying lexicographic publications on a national/regional level, in different languages. These can be journals, proceedings or books, or even individual papers. Open access is desired but not mandatory. You can write your suggestions in the LexMeet Discussion forum: 

  • Helping us improve the structure LexVoc, a vocabulary of lexicographic terms (currently 484 terms), which we use for (automatic) categorisation and indexing of research publications in Elexifinder. To join the discussion, join the group in LexMeet: 

  • Helping us translate LexVoc from English to other languages. This will be done in the Lexonomy dictionary-writing tool. If you are interested in contributing, please write to


Of course, you can participate in only one or all three activities, any contribution will be appreciated. Joint publications about this work are also envisaged.