Terminology, interoperability and Data integration:
Issues and Challenges

TOTh 2021 Workshop

  • Date
  • 10.12.2021
  • Location
  • online & onsite:
    LIMICS, campus des cordeliers – 15 rue de l’école de médecine
    Paris, France

ELEXIS is endorsing and supporting the TOTh Workshop on Terminology, interoperability and Data integration: Issues and Challenges.

Language: English & French

The relation between terminological and ontological dimensions in knowledge organisation systems (KOSs) is a major problem when working on interoperability and on data and knowledge integration. The growing number of multilingual resources available on the web (classifications, glossaries, thesaurus, terminologies, and ontologies) increases this problem. One of the solutions for achieving interoperability between these resources is the use of a computational resource for the conceptual system of terminologies.
This raises some issues such as the impact of Linked Open Data, Linguistic Linked Open Data and Linked Open Vocabulary on the construction of these resources. This approach can become operational by using tools to separate terminological and ontological layers. The choice of these tools is determined by the primitives they suggest to build the conceptual and linguistic models of the entities to be represented.
The following issues may be raised throughout the workshop:
– in the above context, how can we take into account both the linguistic dimension and its relationship to the conceptual dimension?
– how do standards such as W3C, ISO, etc. influence the construction of ontologies?
– what are the current relative methods, standards and tools (environments)?
– how can we ensure that the primitives included in these tools fulfil the needs of terminologists?

The Call for Papers is open!

The TOTh 2021 workshop welcomes the submission of work carried out within this theoretical background, as well as discussion on the articulation between terminological and ontological layers. All researchers are invited to submit a short paper (17 500 to 20 000 characters) + bibliography and visuals/charts. Please avoid any information on authors in the text of the submission. All accepted papers will be presented by one author for a 20 min presentation followed by 10 min of questions.

Deadline for Submissions is 1st of October 31st of October.

Detailed information about the workshop & the call for papers: