Five visiting grants for transnational access to ELEXIS Infrastructures: Apply for visiting grants here!

ELEXIS is a European Infrastructure which aims to foster cooperation and knowledge exchange between different research communities in lexicography in order to bridge the gap between lesser-resourced languages and those with advanced e-lexicographic experience.

A key activity of the project is to provide transnational access to existing lexicographical milieus in Europe including the resources, tools and expertise of these groups.

Via short and long-term visiting grants (between 5 and 15 days), researchers will be able to experiment with and work on data in a context of mutual knowledge exchange.
Researchers are invited to apply for free-of-charge access to and support in one of the 11 ELEXIS infrastructures:

ELEXIS recommends that the applicant contacts the hosting institution about their project before they apply.

The project application should include:
• a project and time plan
• arguments for why a visit to the particular host infrastructure is relevant for their project
• a budget estimate

New calls will be launched every six months.

Application form

Terms and Conditions for applying for a visiting grant

• Review procedure of application: The ELEXIS TA Review Committee will review the applications and notify the applicants within approximately a month of whether the grant has been obtained.

• Principles for reimbursement (TBA)