• Univerzitet u Beogradu Filološki fakultet
  • Studentski trg 3, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Branislava B. Šandrih

Junior lecturer at the Department of Library and Information Science


The University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology (UB FLF)

Univerzitet u Beogradu, Filološki fakultet

The University of Belgrade (UB) is a state-owned higher education and scientific research institution going back for two centuries, currently composed of 31 faculties and 11 institutes. The faculties are organized in 4 scientific areas: social sciences and humanities, medical sciences, natural sciences and mathematics and technology and engineering sciences. The University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology (UBFLF) belongs to the group of social sciences and humanities faculties, having the following departments: Serbian with South-Slavonic Languages, Serbian Literature with South-Slavonic Literature, Comparative Literature and Literary Theory, Slavonic Languages, Literature and Cultures, Italian Language, Literature and Culture, Iberian Studies, Romance Languages, Literature and Cultures, Germanic Languages, Literature and Cultures, English Language, Literature and Culture, Oriental Languages, Literature and Cultures, Albanian Language, Literature and Culture, General Linguistics, Library and Information Science, Modern Greek Studies, and Hungarian Language, Literature and Culture.

Reserachers at the UBFLF are experts in linguistics, philology, literature and foreign language acquistion. However, there is a group of Human Language and Technology (HLT) researchers that is primarily focused at Computational Linguistics. In close collaboration with similar groups from several other UB institutions, the UBFLF HLT team developed a critical overview of the current state of conceptualization, terminology, methodology and language resources, as well as solutions that enable modernization and better systematization of the conceptual apparatus, standardization of terminology, introduction of new methods in linguistic research and development of language resources that meet contemporary standards. UBFLF has a close collaboration with JeRTeh, the Language Resources and Technologies Society, of which some members of the UBFLF HLT team are among founders.