Jurgita Jaroslavienė

Head of the Research Center of the Standard Language


Danutė Liutkevičienė

The editor-in-chief of The Dictionary of the Standard Lithuanian Language


Aurelija Gritėnienė

One of the editors of The Dictionary of the Standard Lithuanian Language


The Institute of the Lithuanian Language

Lietuvių kalbos institutas

The Institute of the Lithuanian Language is the centre for scientific research of the Lithuanian language. The mission of the Institute is concerned with collecting and storing national resources of the Lithuanian language, fundamental and applied research. The key trends of research cover scientific research into the history or the Lithuanian language, its lexicon, lexicography, terminology, grammar, onomastics, functioning in society, dialects and language contacts.

Lexicographers work at the Research Centre of the Standard Language – one of the 6 scientific centres of the Institute of the Lithuanian Language. Lexicographers currently work on theoretical and practical aspects of lexicology and lexicography. Their major areas of activity are:

  • Lexicon and semantics of Lithuanian
  • Monolingual and multilingual lexicography
  • Electronic lexicography
  • Explanatory dictionaries of Lithuanian
  • Special dictionaries of Lithuanian
  • Comprehensive dictionaries of Lithuanian dialects