• Institutul de Filologie Română „A. Philippide”
  • Str. Th. Codrescu, Nr. 2, Iaşi, 700 481, România

Marius-Radu Clim

Scientific researcher at the Department of Lexicology and Lexicography


The “Alexandru Philippide” Institute of Romanian Philology

Institutul de Filologie Română „A. Philippide”

The “Alexandru Philippide” Institute of Romanian Philology (IFRI) was founded in 1927 and it is part of the Romanian Academy – Iasi Branch (ARFI). The researchers in the specialized departments of the Institute work on fundamental projects for the Romanian culture in the following fields: lexicography (DLR and DGLR), dialectology (NALR–MB), toponimy (TTRM), ethnography and folklore (AFMB). Besides these fundamental projects of the Romanian Academy, the researchers have published more than 100 volumes of monographs, many studies and articles, tens of editions of literary, critical or linguistic works, more than one thousand articles and studies gathered in collective volumes and in journals from Romania and from abroad, hundreds of academic papers delivered at national and international congresses, conferences and symposia, national and international projects, doctoral theses; prizes of the Romanian Academy and other prestigious literary prizes are marks of a rich and varied scholarly and cultural activity. The two journals of the Institute, “Anuar de lingvistică şi istorie literară” [“Year Book of Linguistics and Literary History”] and “Philologica Jassyensia” (published in collaboration with “A. Philippide” Cultural Association), offer, on one hand, the details of a history of the philological and literary research specific of the Ia şi university centre under the auspices of some outstanding scholars that honour and oblige us and, on the other hand, they highlight the distinctive Romanian research within the European context

The current lexicographic project of our institute is the second edition of Romanian Thesaurus. The first edition ended in 2010 and it was realized in a traditional form (using Microsoft Word). We started the second edition (our department is working on letter C) and we are creating with OXYGEN a personalized platform, according to the format of the dictionary.

Our lexicography department is also involved in two other projects:

  1. eDTLR: we digitized all the first edition of the Romanian Thesaurus (scanning the volumes) and we are parsing the text.
  2. CLRE: we scanned more than 100 Romanian dictionaries and we used ABBYY for OCR. We have created a corpus interrogation interface. We will use it to search an entry-word in the biggest Romanian dictionaries database. CLRE will present the articles also in an image format. The connections between the articles from dictionaries will be at entry level. We are still working on these projects. These resources are unfinished, but we will happily share with ELEXIS as soon as there are done.