Rusudan Makhachashvili

Doctor Habilitatus, Professor


Philology Institute of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Інститут філології Київського університету імені Бориса Грінченка

The primary lexicographic expertise and activities of the Philology Institute of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University pertain to the following areas:

  • Phenomenological and ontological lexicographic annotation methodology of innovative linguistic units (licence # 72642);
  • Inductive and reductive lexicographic identification procedure of innovative vocabulary units (via vocabulary characteristics density, predictive distribution in the context, associative distribution);
  • Corpora development for ICT and cyber-reality innovative discourse;
  • Multilingual glossary of innovative terms of modern European languages (complete with annotation procedure)
  • Glossary of ICT tools in e-learning within intercultural communication framework;
  • National (Ukrainian) corpus development;
  • Dictionary of Ukrainian Language (Borys Grinchenko Dictionary) digitization;
  • Digital Vocabulary open source project (“Slovopys” – “Wordiscribe”)