Ligeia Lugli

Board Member and Lexicographic Lead


The Limburgish Academy

Limbörgse Academie

The Limburgish Academy (Limbörgse Academie) is a nonprofit established in the beginning of 2007. Its aim is to make the Limburgish language accessible to both linguistic researchers and the wider general public, and consequently to contribute to its preservation and further development. Between 2007 and 2016 the first Limburgish-Dutch and Limburgish-English dictionaries were made available online. The Limburgish Academy inclused Limburgish spoken in the Provinces of Dutch and Belgian Limburg. Limburgish is recognized as a regional language since 1997 by the Dutch government under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.

In 2016 the Limburgish Academy started preparations for the Limburgish Corpus Dictionary (LCD) project and developed digital products for Limburgish to be used by the general public and linguistic researchers. The Limburgish Academy has partnered with Microsoft in 2017 to create a predictive Limburgish language model for its Swiftkey keyboard. Since 2018 the Limburgish Academy, with the permission of and in partnership with Limburgish authors and publishers, is developing a digital Limburgish Corpus. An NLP pipeline to process the spelling variation of all dialects of Limburgish is currently under development. The Limburgish Corpus will serve as a basis for further digital products, like an online Digital Library of Limburgish, (after NLP processing) a Limburgish Linguistic Corpus and a Limburgish (Corpus) Dictionary.