• Instituti i Gjuhësisë dhe i Letërsisë, Akademia e Studimeve Albanologjike
  • Sheshi "Nënë Tereza", Nr. 3, Tiranë, Albania

Adelina Çerpja
assoc. prof.

Head of the Department of grammar and history of Albanian language



Instituti i Gjuhësisë dhe i Letërsisë – Akademia e Studimeve Albanologjike

The Institute of Linguistic and Literature is one of the research institute of the Academy of Albanian Studies. Its beginnings are related to the Institute of Albanian Studies established on 1940. The main object of scientific research work of the Institute of Linguistics and Literature is the Albanian language in synchronous and diachronic plane, and the Albanian literature.

In the field of linguistics, its activities include: the systematic scientific study of the Albanian language, its standard language, its history, two dialects and the subdialects in the current situation and their historical development, the grammar, the language contacts, the linguistic geography, phraseology etc. One of the main duties is the compilation of grammars, of philological studies, of monolingual and terminological dictionaries, the study of standard Albanian issues, the language norm and language culture, the language contact etc.

The Institute is recognized for its work within national monolingual modern and historical lexicography of Albanian language. The lexicographic activities of the Institute are focused on compiling and publishing dictionaries, especially monolingual dictionaries of Albanian language, terminological and historical dictionaries, etymological dictionaries etc.

The scientific journal of the Institute, “Studime filologjike” (Philological studies) is an albanological scientific journal of linguistic and literary profile, which is addressed especially to specialists in these fields. It is a scientific journal of national importance, with a well-defined profile, whose mission is to support scientific thought for the development of Albanian language and literature.