Source: Andreas Scholz,

Sascha Wolfer



Leibniz Institute for the German Language

Leibniz-Institut für Deutsche Sprache

The Leibniz Institute for the German Language (IDS) is the central non-university institution for the study and documentation of the contemporary usage and recent history of the German language. Most of the lexicographic activity at the IDS is concentrated in the Department for Lexical Studies. The dictionary portal OWID ( is maintained there. The portal contains several corpus-based dictionaries covering selected areas of the vocabulary of contemporary German (dictionaries of paronyms, neologisms, and spoken German – in cooperation with the Pragmatics department). Furthermore, the IDS provides lexicographic resources on lexical language contact and recent language (dictionary of German foreign words, German loanwords in other languages, discourse dictionaries for the concept of “guilt” after WW2 and student protests of 1968). Apart from compiling dictionaries, the IDS also does meta-lexicographic research, especially usage studies. In the grammar department, “grammis” ( is maintained and expanded. grammis is a scientific information system for the German grammar presenting research results, explanations and background knowledge.