New Deliverables out now:

Lexicographic Data Seal of Compliance (D6.4), Report on trans-national access Year 3 (D9.3) & Dictionary Enhancement Module (D4.4)

Lexicographic Data Seal of Compliance (LexSeal) ELEXIS

The Deliverable D6.4, Lexicographic Data Seal of Compliance (LexSeal) is a proposal for a community-based certificate of compliance with best scholarly practices to be awarded to individual lexicographic datasets in recognition of their creators’ self-assessed and well-documented adherence to the principles of trustworthiness, interoperability, stewardship, citability, reciprocity, and openness.

These six dimensions of LexSeal taken together describe the infrastructural fitness-for-purpose of a given lexicographic dataset, i.e. the degree to which the dataset aligns with best practices and technical standards within a larger network of machine- and human-readable lexicographic data.


Report trans national access year 3 ELEXIS

The Deliverable 9.3, Report on trans-national access – year 3, presents the results of year three of the ELEXIS projects’ transnational access program. The results are very sparce due to the Covid-19 pandemic which prevented the planned visits from taking place. Furthermore, no new calls have been launched.
It is still being discussed whether to launch a 5th call late summer 2021.


The Deliverable 4.4 describes the  Dictionary enhancement module in the ELEXIS infrastructure. The module is implemented as a series of enhancements and integration within the Lexonomy dictionary writing system and is fully integrated with other Lexonomy functionalities.

In the following text, the authors describe the individual improvements to the Lexonomy dictionary writing system, such as including corpus examples, collocations or thesaurus items, and explaining their connection and interplay with other parts of the system.