Out now: ELEXIS survey

What is your experience with ELEXIS tools? Are you satisfied with various services that ELEXIS offers?

We invite you to fill out this survey and share your thoughts on your experience with ELEXIS.
It will only take up 3 minutes of your time!

The results of the survey will be used to reflect on the work done and to fine-tune the project’s outcomes to respond best to the needs of the lexicographic community.

More ELEXIS news:

New Release: CrossTheWord

CrossTheWord is a fun puzzle game that includes crowdsourcing for definitions.

new deliverables out now

Three project deliverables were just published, covering the Lexicographic Data Seal of Compliance (LexSeal), a report on the trans-national access (research grants) within year 3 of the project, and the development of the dictionary enhancement module.

K-Dutch launched & hosted by Insituut voor de Nederlandse Taal (CLARIN-B centre)

K-Dutch is THE place for researchers who want to find out more about the Dutch language, such as language advice, tools & resources, etymology, dialects and much more.