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Workshop on eLexicography @ DH2019

2nd iteration - eLexicography between Digital Humanities and Artificial Intelligence: Complexities in Data, Technologies, Communities.
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ELEXIS @ESSLLI Summer School, August 2019

Within the first week John P. McCrae and Thierry Declerck will give an Introduction to Linked Open Data in Linguistics, giving people in the field of computational linguistics practical skills in the fields of linked data and semantic technologies as applied to linguistics and lexical data.
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Lisbon Summer School in Linguistics, July 2019

ELEXIS is supporting the 6th Edition of Lisbon Summer School in Linguistics, special emphasis is given to Area 2 - Terminology and Lexicography.
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ELEXIS @ Workshop: Showcasing Language Technologies, April 2019

This workshop introduces Digital Service Infrastructures and their stakeholders language technology related projects. ELEXIS representatives are going to showcase tools and services developed within the project.
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ELEXIS @LiSeH Spring School 2019

LiSeH2019 will give an introduction to concepts related to the Semantic Web and Linked Data and aims to provide an overview of semantic web technologies and tools with a special focus on application scenarios in the Humanities.
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3rd Summer Datathon on Linguistic Linked Open Data

SD-LLOD 19 was organized in conjunction with and held before the Conference on Language, Data & Knowledge (LDK19).
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ACDH virtual hackathon series

The core goal of this event series is to promote Openness in DH and show a path towards putting it into practice.
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Lexicom 2018 EUROPE

We are pleased to announce that the well-known workshop series, Lexicom, organized by Sketch Engine, is this time also supported by ELEXIS, since Sketch Engine is part of the ELEXIS consortium and ELEXIS staff will be present at the workshop in various roles.
Sofia, BulgariaCC0, Pixabay

ESSLLI 2018 Summer School

ELEXIS members are teaching at the ESSLLI Summer School an introductory course on “Linked Open Data in Linguistics”.