SSH Industry Outreach Event

ENRIITC Your Industry Outreach: Workshop for Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Date
  • 11.03.2022, 10.00 – 14.00 (CET)
  • Location
  • online
This online event investigates new relationships between SSH RIs with stakeholders outside academia.

The European Union is supporting the development of a pan-European network of Industrial Liaison and Contact Officers (ILOs/ICOs) across research infrastructures (RIs) via the ENRIITC project.

Aims of the Event

  • To raise the interest of leading SSH RIs in establishing a common collaborative initiative to help increase SSH-domain innovation cooperation with industry and non-academic institutions of private and public nature (e.g. galleries, libraries, archives, museums), starting with the launch of a joint SSH RI Industry Contact Officer Training Program based on the ENRIITC approach
  • To exchange experiences about past and present innovation and collaboration activities with non-academic and/or commercial entities, and identify common challenges regarding the skills SSH RI staff need to reach out beyond academia (e.g. more effective communication, how to translate the value of the infrastructure to non-academic and/or commercial entities etc.).

Possible Outcomes

To expand the ENRIITC skills profile for Industry Contact Officers with SSH training needs, and launch an SSH pilot training scheme on common basic skills and competences needed to engage with non-academic entities and to set up innovative partnerships.

Draft Programme

10:00 – 10:10 Introduction (Iulianna van der Lek, CLARIN; Francesca Morselli, DARIAH)

10:10 – 10:30 Keynote ENRIITC

10:30 – 11:30 Training 4 Innovation

Short presentations (7 min) by representatives of SSH research infrastructures & networks on the status of SSH-domain players on innovation activities, with focus on skills and training needed to reach out beyond academia and set up effective partnerships.

11:30 – 11:45 Coffee Break

11:45 – 12:45 Breakout Discussions (moderated by Markus Pasterk)

Proposed topics:

1. Starting from the ENRIITC strategy for training, identify a set of common skills and training topics that SSH RIs need to develop to be able to reach out beyond academia (operator training)

2. Identify a set of common SSH training topics that are relevant for non-academic entities when considering the research infrastructure service offer and/or the options for co-creation tracks (user training)

12:45 – 13:15 Lunch Break

13:15 – 13:45 Reporting, Conclusions and Wrap-up

Training 4 Innovation:

ELEXIS and its Curriculum on DARIAH-Campus

In the Training 4 Innovation session, Simon Krek (JSI, Slovenia) will present the Europan Lexicographic Infrastructure and its Curriculum on DARIAH-Campus:

The European Lexicographic Infrastructure (ELEXIS) project aims to harmonise the efforts of European institutions, publishers, universities and communities creating dictionaries and/or dictionary data, and develop tools and services that will reduce the cost and time needed to update existing or compile new lexicographic resources. The results will also help everyone work towards the same standards and increase the quality.

The ELEXIS Curriculum is an integrated set of training materials which contextualises ELEXIS tools and services inside a broader, systematic pedagogic narrative. This means that the goal of the ELEXIS Curriculum is not simply to inform users about the functionalities of particular tools and services developed within the project, but to show how such tools and services are a) embedded in both lexicographic theory and practice, and b) representative of and contributing to the development of digital skills among lexicographers.

The list of courses includes:

    • Introduction to Dictionaries
    • Introduction to Dictionary Users
    • Introduction to Corpus-Based Lexicographic Practice
    • Capturing, Modelling and Transforming Lexical Data: An Introduction
    • LEX2: Mastering ELEXIS Corpus Tools for Lexicographic Purposes
    • Lexonomy: Mastering the ELEXIS Dictionary Writing System
    • Automating the Process of Dictionary Creation
    • CLARIN Tools and Resources for Lexicographic Work
    • Standards for Representing Lexicographic Data: An Overview
    • Modelling Dictionaries in TEI Lex-0
    • Modelling Dictionaries in OntoLex-Lemon
    • LEX3: Transforming Legacy Dictionaries using Elexifier
    • LEX3: Publishing Legacy Dictionaries with Publex
    • Lexicography in the Age of Open Data
    • Mastering LEX1: The Dictionary Matrix
    • Mastering oXygen XML Editor for Dictionary Nerds
    • Extracting Lexical Data: XPath for Dictionary Nerds
    • Transforming Lexical Data: XSLT for Dictionary Nerds
    • ELEXIS Pathfinder to Computational Lexicography for Developers and Computational Linguists

Courses will be published on DARIAH-Campus in May 2022, a discovery framework and hosting platform for learning resources. It is maintained by DARIAH. The legal status of DARIAH offers a stable framework for sustaining the ELEXIS learning resources beyond the end of ELEXIS as a funded H2020 project.

Registration and detailed information about the workshop is accessible via the event page: