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  • The Dutch Language Institute (INT)
  • Rapenburg 61 2311 GJ Leiden, The Netherlands

The Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal (INT) in Leiden is a research institute financially supported by the governments of the Netherlands and (Flemish) Belgium. It takes a central position in the Dutch- speaking world (including Vlaanderen, Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles) as a developer, keeper and distributor of sustainable language resources through the centuries, using reliable scholarly methods.

Carole Tiberius

Project Member

Carole Tiberius (PhD) is a computational linguist. After degrees in translation and computational linguistics, she obtained a PhD on multilingual lexical knowledge representation from the University of Brighton. Before joining INT, she worked as a linguist on typological databases at the University of Surrey. At INT she is involved in lexicographic projects (mainly Algemeen Nederlands Woordenboek) and the maintenance of externally created bilingual lexical resources.