ELEXIS visiting grants:
Research update from Daria Lazić

It has been an eventful first week in Denmark, but Daria Lazić has managed to provide us with a short update about her research visit:

First of all, I can say that I feel very welcome here at The Danish Society for Language and Literature (Det Danske Sprog- og Litteraturselskab – DSL), where I have spent the first week of my visit. I have been introduced to DSL’s staff and the projects they are working on, and I have met with several editors of The Danish Dictionary (Den Danske Ordbog) –  a project most relevant for me – to discuss various aspects of their work with them. Besides, everyone has been very helpful and eager to answer my questions, and I have been provided with research material on the topics I am interested in.

In addition, it proved to be a good time to visit due to several academic and social events taking place during my stay in Copenhagen. Last week lexicographers from the Center for Digital Lexicography of the German Language visited DSL, and I had an opportunity to follow a discussion on the German and Danish dictionary projects. At the end of the week, I even took part in an annual excursion during which I met my Danish hosts in a more informal setting.

So far, my visit has been very pleasant and informative and in the coming days, among other things, I plan to visit the Center for Language Technology (Center for Sprogteknologi) at the University of Copenhagen to get introduced to their language resources, as well as to present the Croatian dictionary project I am working on to the editors of The Danish Dictionary.

Best regards,
Daria Lazić

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Presentation slide showing the main facts on The Danish Dictionary and The Queen’s Library at Christiansborg Palace
and The Royal Library.