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The Trier Center for Digital Humanities (TCDH) is an internationally renowned institution for Digital Humanities. Since its establishment in 1998, more than 100 diverse projects in the field of Digital Humanities were implemented at the centre – in cooperation with more than 150 regional, national, and global partners at universities, research institutions, academies of sciences, publishers, and institutions of memory. Its major focal points in research and development lie in the areas of digital publication and networking of dictionaries, sources, editions, and other fundamental works and artefacts in the Humanities, as well as on developing tools for the preparation, indexation, analysis, and visualisation of corpora.

Vera Hildenbrandt

Project member

Vera Hildenbrandt is a researcher at the University of Trier and Executive Director at the Trier Center for Digital Humanities. She supervises projects at the interface between traditional and digital philologies – amongst others numerous endeavours in digital lexicography (e.g. the digitisation and digital publication of the first as well as the revised edition of the German Dictionary by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and the Goethe Dictionary). Dr Vera Hildenbrandt is a member of various international research groups such as the DFG network “Internet Lexicography” and the Cost Action IS1305 “European Network of eLexicography” (ENeL; member of the steering group, chair of Working Group 2 “Retro-digitised Dictionaries”). Her research focuses on Digital Humanities, especially Digital Lexicography and Digital Scholarly Editions.

Thomas Burch

Project member

Thomas Burch is Executive Director at the Trier Center for Digital Humanities (TCDH), where he is responsible for the development and transfer of computer science methods and techniques to digital humanities research projects. His research focuses on software systems, graphical user interfaces as well as markup languages and X-technologies. In the field of digital lexicography Dr Thomas Burch was involved in numerous digitization projects (including Middle High German Dictionaries Interlinked, German Dictionary by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, Dialect Dictionaries Interlinked, Goethe Dictionary) and co-developed the Trier dictionary network. Since 2016 he has been coordinator of the work packages of the TCDH at the Center for Historical Lexicography funded by the Federal
Ministry of Education and Research.

Li Sheng

Project member

Li Sheng is a developer at the Trier Center for Digital Humanities of University of Trier. His particular areas of interests include full stack development of web applications for Digital Humanities and applying deep learning methods to Digital Humanities. He has participated in numerous research projects and taken responsibilities of developing software tools and web applications to support other researchers’ works and online representations, e.g. “FuD System (”, “eLaterna (”, “Caspar Olevian Portal (”, “A.Schnitzler Edition (”, etc. In ELEXIS, he is responsible for developing the Dictionary Viewer.