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  • Research Institute for Linguistics Hungarian Academy of Sciences (RILMTA)
  • Teréz krt. 13., H-1067 Budapest, Hungary

Founded in 1949, the Research Institute for Linguistics at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is internationally recognized as the leading research centre for the Hungarian Language pursuing cutting edge research in a number of areas such as theoretical linguistics, synchronic and diachronic study of the structure and use of Hungarian. Its Finno-Ugric Department is actively engaged in projects concerned with the documentation and digital vitality of endangered languages. Apart from its theoretical research, the Institute is actively engaged in experimental research in neurolinguistics, empirical study of language production and language processing as well as aphasiac studies.

Tamás Váradi

Project member

Dr. Tamás Váradi (PhD) is manager for projects and innovation and head of the Department of Language Technology and Applied Linguistics. He graduated in English, Spanish and General Linguistics at Eötvös Loránd University and holds a PhD in English Linguistics from the same university. Early in his career he acquired international recognition through his pioneering research in second language acquisition. His empirical research into the spontaneous speech of second language learners led him into the field of corpus linguistics.