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While EU institutions can no longer join ELEXIS as partners, they are very welcome to join the project with an observer status.

Observer status can be granted to research institutions or other legal entities that are involved in lexicography or are active in fields connected with the goals defined in ELEXIS infrastructure project – natural language processing, artificial intelligence etc. Institutions wishing to become ELEXIS observers can use this form to request observer status.  

observer request form

Observers’ rights and obligations



Inclusion in ELEXIS activities (without direct funding)

In the course of the project, observers will be offered different types of direct involvement in ELEXIS activities. Typically, such activities will include work with data, tools or services either provided by observers and enhanced or upgraded by ELEXIS infrastructure, or developed within ELEXIS for particular languages that are interesting for observers. Opportunities for such activities will be announced through internal communication channels for observers.

Inclusion in ELEXIS communication channels

ELEXIS will develop various communication channels, both external (accessible to general public) and internal (dedicated to discussion about different ELEXIS activities). Observers will be informed about the possibilities and will be able to choose which types of information they would like to receive on a regular basis.

Access to (open) data and tools (for research purposes)

ELEXIS infrastructure will set up its own cloud infrastructure with lexicographic and other types of data, and tools developed by ELEXIS partners or as part of the ELEXIS infrastructure. Observers will be able to access parts of the cloud with data and tools that their owners will make available to the consortium partners and observers, together will open-access or open-source data and tools.

Active promotion of participation in trans-national access calls

ELEXIS will organise several calls for grants to visit ELEXIS partners with lexicographic data and expertise. Observers will be notified about the calls offering the possibility to work on the data together with experts from other countries and lexicographic communities. Trans-national visit grants are especially suitable for observers that work on under-resourced languages.

Opportunity to participate in the ELEXIS post-project developments

In the four years of the EU-funded ELEXIS project, the consortium aims to create a sustainable infrastructure that will serve lexicographic community after the end of the project. One of the tasks in ELEXIS project is dedicated to finding a solution for long-term sustainability, together with the existing CLARIN and DARIAH infrastructures. Observers will be included in this task and will be able to participate actively in the discussion.


Providing lexicographic data or offering expertise needed in ELEXIS

Observers are expected to offer a contribution to ELEXIS project and infrastructure, either in the form of (a sample of) lexicographic/lexical data created at the observer institution, or by providing a type of expertise required by ELEXIS. Expertise would be related either to the field of lexicography or to natural language processing, artificial intelligence etc.

Providing feedback on lexicographic practices, workflows and tools

Observers are expected to participate in ELEXIS project activities dedicated to collecting information about lexicographic practices, workflows and tools. These activities include filling in survey questionnaires, or providing other kind of feedback about lexicographic work.