Global WordNet Conference (GWC2019)

  • Date
  • 23.-27.7.2019
  • Location
  • Faculty of Computer Science and Management,
    Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
    5 Łukasiewicza st.
    50-371 Wrocław

The 10th Global WordNet Conference is an opportunity for researchers and developers to present and discuss their latest results on the development, enrichment and exploitation of wordnets for various languages around the world. This conference is hosted by the Language Technology Research Group G4.19 at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland and the Global WordNet Association.

ELEXIS representatives will be present at the conference. Among others, Simon Krek will give an invited talk titled Lexicography meets Linguistic Linked (Open) Data.

Conference Topics

1. Lexical semantics and meaning representation

  • Critical analysis and applications of lexical and semantic relations
  • Proposed new relations
  • Definitions, semantic components, co-occurrence and frequency statistics
  • Word and Sense Embeddings
  • Necessity and completeness issues
  • Ontology and wordnet
  • Other lexicographical and lexicological questions pertaining to wordnet-style meaning representation
  • Wordnets and Linked Open Data (LOD)

2. Architecture of lexical databases

  • Language independent and language dependent components
  • Integration of multi-wordnets in research infrastructures (like CLARIN) and LT networks (like META-NET)

3. Tools and Methods for wordnet development

  • User and Data entry interfaces
  • Methods for constructing, extending and enriching wordnets

4. Applications of wordnet

  • Word sense disambiguation
  • Machine translation
  • Information extraction and retrieval
  • Document structuring and categorisation
  • Automatic hyperlinking
  • Language pedagogy
  • Psycholinguistic applications

5. Standardization, distribution and availability of wordnets and wordnet tools

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