E-dictionaries and E-lexicography

  • Date
  • 10.-11.5.2019
  • Location
  • Zagreb, Croatia

ELEXIS supported and was presented at the E-dictionaries and E-lexicography which took place in Zagreb, Croatia.

The aim of the conference was to bring together Croatian and foreign experts in e-lexicography, to present Croatian e-lexicography to the wider public, as well as to get acquainted with contemporary research and ideas in the field of e-lexicography. Simon Krek from JSI was presenting ELEXIS as an invited speaker.

The conference focused on the following topics:

  • e-dictionaries
  • e-encyclopedias
  • corpora in lexicography
  • databases on language and terminology
  • e-terminology
  • retrodigitalization
  • computer tools for lexicography.

Invited speakers:

  • Stefan Engelberg (Institut für Deutsche Sprache, Mannheim)
  • Simon Krek (“Jozef Stefan” Institute, Ljubljana)
  • Polona Gantar (Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana)
  • Nikola Ljubešić (“Jozef Stefan” Institute, Ljubljana)

For more information, see the official conference page.