Dictionary Society of North America Conference (DSNA 2019)

  • Date
  • 8.-11.5.2019
  • Location
  • Bloomington, Indiana (US)

ELEXIS will be present at the DSNA 2019 conference in Bloomington, Indiana (US).

    1. The Dictionary Society of North America has held biennial meetings since 1995. Bringing together scholars of lexicography and professional lexicographers, the conference is an important event for anyone interested in modern dictionary research and practices. This year, DSNA returns to Bloomington, Indiana, and the campus of Indiana University for its 22nd Biennial Meeting and so does Studies in the History of the English Language (SHEL), with which DSNA 20 collaborated in Vancouver in 2015. The conference will include several special features and events. For instance, the Lilly Library plans to mount an exhibit of dictionary and English language materials and will host a reception for conference attendees in the library to open the exhibit. More information will be revealed on the conference site.

A GLOBALEX workshop on Lexicography & Neologisms (GWLN 2019) will also be held at the event. It will focus on issues related to the detection of neologisms – including new words, new meanings of existing words, and new multiword units – and their representation in lexicography and dictionaries, featuring 14 papers from across the world.